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परनाम!स्वागत बा राउर रियल भोजपुरी डॉट कॉम प। टीम रियल भोजपुरी आपन भोजपुरी प...
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  If you want to get connected with the realbhojpuri and want to upload and share your files here like videos, audios. Then the process is very simple just in few steps:
• Fill up your name in the box.
• Fill up your email id.
• Click on the 'Browse' button.
• Click on 'Start Upload' link. It will start your file upload. You can upload more than one file in a time.
• A link is given here that is, 'Clear Queue'. This will help you to remove the bundle of files which you have made for uploading.
The file format should be .mp3, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .txt, .pdf, .flv, .docx. Now we hope you will get it easily and feel it enjoyable. Thanks for stay with us!
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